REAL3D SCANNER (3DRACS) REAL3D SCANNER allows you to make your own 3D scanner with a single camera and a video projector. It also provides you a complete platform to do research on structured-white-light 3D scanning systems. Read more
A high resolution real-time Virtual 3D Scanner This is a high resolution real-time Virtual 3D Scanner that scans a virtual object in the virtual environment. It performs coordinate acquisition, reconstruction, and display processes simultaneously. Read more
Structured-light 3D Scanner A system was developed for an intraoral scanning that can be used for the measurement of tooth profiles in the mouth cavity. Structured-White-light technology was utilized for 3D surface acquisition.(2010-2014) Read more
Real3D Renderer Real3D Renderer for viewing, processing, and editing 3D triangular meshes. It is an extensible mesh and points processing system that can perform smoothing, filtering, decimation, registration, and hole filling, etc. Read more
Volume Viewer & Skull Bone Simulator Real3d VolviCon is an advanced application for reconstruction of computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR), ultra sound, and x-rays images. Read more
Human Musculoskeletal Modeling Development of a dynamic human musculoskeletal modeling platform for static, dynamic and kinematic scenarios. (current project) Read more
Curved Rafter Simulator Development of world's first CNC machine for curved rafters, this simulator is highly similar to the real-world wood cutting machining center. Read more
Virtual Dental Sculpting Simulator Virtual Dental Sculpting Simulator is a surface-based Virtual Dental Sculpting Simulator based on auditory, visual, and tactile realities. Read more
FL-Essentials FL-Essentials (FLE) is an open source FLTK based software system which provides extreme easiness in building (responsive) GUI applications. Read more
FL-Essentials Real3D Photo Viewer is the open source application to view and edit images (an alternative to Windows Photo Viewer). It is written in FL-Essentials. Read more
FL-Essentials Real3D Camera Viewer is the open source application to view and record camera/video devices. It is written in FL-Essentials and Fvk-Camera. Read more
System Information Retriever System Information Retriever - SIR is a handy and must have portable tool to carry on a USB stick to quickly view system information on any computer. Read more
Animated RGB Plot Animated RGB Plotter is a portable tool that can be used for plotting the Red Green Blue columns of any image. It is written in FL-Essentials. Read more

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I have been thinking to write some tutorials about OpenGL since I got trouble in understanding of many internet tutorials. So, I decided to write in my own way, means technically way, simple, easy, and understandable for everyone. I am also going to add OpenCV, OpenHaptics, C/C++, FLTK, and GUI soon. (last updated: 12-01-2014)


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