New Features and Changes in Version 4.21.0321

  1. Added shared surface meshes in project settings. Now if the project is saved with shared surface meshes, the project will have shared surface meshes on reload.
  2. Added surface editor tool for removing surface regions.
  3. Added undo/redo operations for surface and volume data, and markup-position modifications.
  4. Added surface subdivision feature.
  5. Fixed surface decimation to preserve colors topology.
  6. Fixes in shared surface meshes.
  7. Changed surface tree item's last toolbar option from Shading to Interpolation.
  8. Minor other fixes and improvements.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.21.0207

  1. Gui improvements of mesh and volume filters.
  2. Fixed histogram adjustment for computing optimal window and level values.
  3. Fixes in mesh statistics.
  4. Fixes and minor GUI improvement in compare selected meshes.
  5. Fixed ruler and angle markups interaction on creation when "Update Slices on Markup Interaction" is on.
  6. Added hole filling filter for volume data.
  7. Added append selected volumes feature.
  8. Minor other fixes and improvements.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.21.0102

  1. Added FDK Cone Beam Reconstruction module to reconstruct 3D volume from x-ray images.
  2. Improved Enhance Contrast (Butterworth High Pass) - Histogram adjustment filter.
  3. Added Range Thresholding to generate masks.
  4. Added Morphology Open and Close operations.
  5. Added Surface Smoothing in surface module.
  6. Added a volume action to translate centroid to scene origin (0, 0, 0) in WCS.
  7. Fixed transformation module for selected volumes.
  8. Added Mesh to Volume conversion to view the mesh profile in three Slice Views.
  9. Fixed and improved mesh decimation operation.
  10. Added Create Volume menu action to create a volume as a grid box or a noisy box.
  11. Added Feedback menu action.
  12. Fixed a bug in range slider.
  13. Improvement and changes in GUI.
  14. Minor other fixes and improvements.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.2.0829

  1. Fixed volume rendering while CPU ray-tracing is on.
  2. Fixed drop-down arrows on rendering views pop-up options.
  3. Minor other fixes, improvements, and changes.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.2.0821

  1. Added area and volume calculation to polyline markup. Area and volume will be computed when an inside region will be extracted by right clicking on the polyline, and click on "Extract Polyline Region". The information will be displayed the information Dock as well as information table of the selected polyline.
  2. Fixes in check for update.
  3. Fixes in license manager hardware key generation.
  4. Minor other fixes, improvements, and changes.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.2.0726

  1. Fixes in markup end-points size for microscale measurements.
  2. Fixed markup line width size in reading and writing project file.
  3. Fixed updating of window/level range sliders on activating another volume.
  4. Enabled random-surface-color for per-vertex-color meshes. Random Material Color was only used for material color, but now if Per Vertex Color is enabled, the point colors will also be updated along with the material color.
  5. Added a filter to remove unwanted shells from the extracted regions in Extract Unconnected Regions (under Surface filters). A user will have to specify minimum number of triangles to be considered for the extracted region. The dialog only appears if the surface contains more than 10 unconnected regions.
  6. Minor other fixes, improvements, and changes.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.2.0711

  1. Added project saving and loading support. Now whole environment settings can be saved as a project and reload the same settings again. The project will save all current user layout settings, all volumes, all meshes, all markups, and Ui parameters.
  2. Added import support for single image file such as TIF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, etc.
  3. Added volume filters, such as Flip, Rotate, Smooth, Thresholding, Edge Enhancement, Image Mathematics, etc.
  4. Added optimum window level computation to slice module.
  5. Added gradient opacity transfer function slider to volume module.
  6. Added construction of 2D slices as 3D surface. Voxel inetsity can be visualized as a 3D plot.
  7. Added surface mesh filters, such as cleaning, hole filling, comparing, aligning multiple meshes, etc.
  8. Added color maps of elevation, minimum and maximum curvature, and unconnected regions.
  9. Added comparison feature to compare two meshes and visualize the distances in color bar.
  10. Added make a copy feature for both volume and surface modules. A copy of the selected items can be created on the fly.
  11. Added magnify view for slices.
  12. Added more options in slice views, such as view voxel information on mouse move, window level enable or disable, scalar bar, human axes, etc.
  13. Added cropping volume support with interactive feedback from the cropped region.
  14. Added Shift+Hover on slice view to see the same slice in other views.
  15. Now current window and level can be applied to the original image data, etc.
  16. Added more options to control the visibility of actors in the popup widget.
  17. Added interactive rotation to transformation module with more Reset and Save options.
  18. Added system information dialog to view host devices info and which GPU is being used by VolViCon.
  19. Added plane as a new markup.
  20. Added cross-distance measurement markup.
  21. Added more stereo options for 3D views.
  22. Added link slice camera controls across all slice views.
  23. Added Crop interactive tab in volume module to have more controls for cropping box.
  24. Added markup tool bar for quick access.
  25. Added markup preferences and now markup can be enabled for each single view, as well as for surface view, it was not enabled in earlier versions.
  26. Added sky box to 3D views. 6 images will be required to create a sky box environment. Image must be in this order: 0-right, 1-left, 2-top, 3-bottom, 4-front, 5-back.
  27. Added export slice stack as Video (*.mp4 or *.avi) file formats.
  28. Now surfaces and markups can be highlited by selecting the tree items.
  29. Added new dark themes.
  30. Fixed PLY exporter that was not enabled for per vertex color export.
  31. Fixed and improved volume resampling feature.
  32. Fixed markup visibility that was not being saved in the exported file.
  33. Fixes in transfer function presets.
  34. Fixed and improved DICOM/ImageSeries reader and added more DICOM tag attributes.
  35. Fixed and improved mesh decimation filter. Added the undo button to reset the last mesh.
  36. Fixed indicator markup text display. It was not interactive and synced for all views.
  37. Fixed interactive reorientation that was not saving the state of orientation when interacting with second view after done interaction with the first view.
  38. Now window and level change on mouse drag can be enabled or disabled in slice views.
  39. Fixed crosshair interaction in slice views.
  40. Fixed mouse interaction of indicator markup.
  41. Improved preferences dialog with more control on settings options.
  42. Improved rendering Ui for volume rendering. Now a single plane can be enabled or disabled.
  43. Several improvements and changes in the UI, it's theme and look.
  44. Major other fixes, improvements, and changes.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.1.5231

  1. Fixed volume lighting interaction with UI.
  2. Fixed default preset and renamed to None.
  3. Fixed material preset while adding a new volume.
  4. Fixed clipping range adjustment issue.
  5. Fixed check for update crash.
  6. Fixed splash screen waiting time.
  7. Fixed volume tree item toggling actions.
  8. Fixed application settings UI adjustments.
  9. Improved markups interaction with slice views. Now selected markup will points to the center of slices.
  10. Markup properties can now be viewed in Data tab, such as World coordinate position of points.
  11. Update markup text will not include the Id number.
  12. Added segmentation filters to perform region growing segmentation (Confidence Connected and Connected Threshold based). Fiducial can be added as seeds in the area to be segmented.
  13. Added extent start to volume transformation tool.
  14. Added dynamic resizeable ruler to 3D and 2D views that display the current scene scale in um, mm, cm.
  15. Fixed stereo rendering for 3D views and added more stereo options.
  16. Enabled scalars rendering to Surface renderer.
  17. Improved DICOM readibility and volume rendering.
  18. Fixed DICOM reorientation and used RAS coordinate system.
  19. Major other fixes, improvements, and changes.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.0.5231

  1. Added "Interactive Gizmo Transformation" widget to transform the mesh model with mouse interaction. This widget provides translation with max and min limits, rotation with min and max angle limits, and scaling. The mesh model can be shared with Volume and Slice views and can be visualized the transformation change simultaneously in all views. Later the mesh model can be exported with the newly transformed data.
  2. Added "Crop Volume" feature to crop the clipped volume using an interactive clip plane widget.
  3. Added "Random Color" feature to set random colors to selected mesh models.
  4. Added "Share Selected Mesh Models" with Volume and Slice Views to visualize mesh model along with the volume data and over the slice planes.
  5. Improvements in "Volume Transformation" and fixed Translation tab.
  6. Minor fixes in GUI.
  7. Minor other fixes and changes.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.0.5092

  1. Added import and export support for BYU mesh file format.
  2. Improved surface reconstruction speed by 4 times.
  3. Minor other fixes and changes.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.0.5091

  1. Fixed surface visualization when moved from surface view to volume view.
  2. Fixed surface visibility in deletion while still render in volume view.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.0.5021

  1. Fixed a crash in selecting default transfer function preset.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.0.4260

  1. Added progress percentage of most of the processes such as import and export.
  2. Fixes in splash screen.
  3. Minor other fixes and improvements.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.0.4180

  1. Added presets menu box to save presets to the disk for later use. Presets can be removed, added, and loaded from another preset file.
  2. Fixed color map menu box.
  3. Minor fixes and changes to GUI.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.0.2152

  1. Added import and export of NIfTI file format.
  2. Updated to new version and some minor fixes and changes.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.0.1120

  1. Fixed wrong display of physical position of coronal plane.
  2. Updated to new version and some minor fixes and changes.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.0.1020

  1. Improved transfer functions user interface.
  2. Added point size and line size sliders to surface renderer.
  3. Added face culling options to surface renderer.
  4. Added export image stacks of all planes.
  5. Some other fixes and minor changes.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.0.1006

  1. Added UI themes for gray, dark, and light look.
  2. Fixed splash screen click event.
  3. Fixes in application settings dialog.
  4. Some other minor changes.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.0.104

  1. Improved transfer function editor to restrict intermediate points in between previous and next point.
  2. Fixes in color map that was not applied to 3D slice planes.
  3. Some minor other changes and fixes.

New Features and Changes in Version 4.0.928

  1. Added histogram to Linear Contrast Adjustment.
  2. Fixed a bug in deleting a selected volume while having multiple volumes.
  3. Fixed drag and drop for multiple volumes (DICOM directories and file types).
  4. Some other minor improvements and changes.
  5. Major release and updated to version 4.x.x.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.2.2

  1. Fixes memory leaks in loading volume data.
  2. Added menu action for manual settings the Window and Level to volume data.
  3. Some other minor improvements.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.2.1

  1. Added Image Series import feature to visual images as volume. File->Volume View->Add Image Series...Now images (jpg, png, tif) can be imported to render as volume.
  2. Added manual adjustable Spacing between Slices. Go to Volume->Transform->Spacing between Slices...
  3. Now the intensity scale for all features would be from 0 to 255. Transfer functions (OTF1, OTF2, ISO) slider ranges are updated.
  4. Optimized Window Level in importing.
  5. Minor GUI changes and improvement.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.2.0

  1. Fixed and improved high DPI scaling bug.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.1.5

  1. Fixed high DPI aware screen bug.
  2. Some minor changes and upgradations.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.1.4

  1. Added Transform menu items to translate or rotate the volume data.
  2. Added Translate to Origin menu item to translate the volume data to system's origin (0, 0, 0) along with all the markups if there are any.
  3. Added 3D Origin Axes to both 3D renderers to know the system's origin.
  4. Some minor changes and upgradations.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.1.3

  1. Fixes in planes transparency.
  2. Some minor changes and upgradations.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.1.2

  1. Fixed GUI layout bug. Views were not adjusted properly when the current layout is changed.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.1.1

  1. Added import and export support of VTI and MHD (volume) file formats.
  2. Some minor changes and improvements.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.1.0

  1. Major bug fixes in GUI and changes in GUI.
  2. Added a menu item "Invert Dara" to invert the volume data intensities.
  3. Overall improvements in visualization.
  4. Some minor changes and upgradations.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.0.7

  1. Fixes in GUI sliders.
  2. Added ask dialog to ensure safe deletion of marksups and models.
  3. Overall improvements in visualization.
  4. Some minor changes and upgradations.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.0.6

  1. Fixes in Raw Volume import dialog.
  2. Fixes in volume resampling dialog.
  3. Fixes clipping planes.
  4. Fixed ISO slider updating after importing 8bit data type images.
  5. Some minor changes and upgradations.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.0.5

  1. Fixed OTF1 and OTF2 sliders updatings while after importing.
  2. Updated the demo and pro version internal logic.
  3. Some minor changes and upgradation.

New Features and Changes in Version 3.0.4

  1. Finalized Markups module after several fixes and compatibilities.
  2. Fixes Crosshair on / off feature.
  3. Fixes Image Resampling for fast rendering.
  4. Fixes GPU mapper for fast rendering through Image Resampling Factors.
  5. Fixes spinner inputs of various features.
  6. Added XYZ and Window Level real - time display at status bar.
  7. Added crosshair at the active Markup.Crosshair will be displayed when a Markup is picked or dragged.
  8. Several GUI fixes and improved performance.
  9. Fixes in layouts when surface or volume is being added.
  10. Fixes in surface reconstruction layout change.
  11. Added recent files module.Five recent files will be added to the menu.
  12. Added window level change in volume data.Whenever user interact in Slice Views, the change in Window and Level will occur in 3D Volume View as well.
  13. Fixes in main menu items.
  14. Added right click menu for each tree item for convenience to access features.
  15. Fixes in saving user settings on exit.
  16. Fixes in loading Markups through settings.
  17. Added an accurate picker for picking and placing of Markups.
  18. Changes in Markups interaction events.
  19. Added shortcut keys of menu items for Markups.
  20. Fixes in surface decimation.
  21. Fixes in recent files.
  22. Fixed window resizing on startup.
  23. Fixed background default color.
  24. Fixed in mouse wheel event.
  25. Several other fixes and changes.
  26. Added menu items for each item in the application.
  27. Improved performance in GUI and 3D renderers.
  28. added markup crosshair thickness menu items.
  29. Fixed window and level of slices that were not properly synched.
  30. Fixed strange behavior of OTF1 and OTF2 sliders.
  31. Some minor fixes and upgradation.

New Features and Changes in Version 2.1.4

  1. Fixes in exporting slices as jpg, png, bmp, etc. images.
  2. Fixes in layout settings and menu items activation.
  3. Some improvements, minor bug fixes and changes in GUI.
  4. Added import support for *.vol and *.raw volume data.
  5. Added Update Rate, Standard Views, and Projection features.
  6. Added Point, Raycast, GPU volume mappers.
  7. Added various preset gradients.
  8. Added clipping/cropping plane widget.
  9. Added Seed widget.
  10. Added orientation.
  11. Added mesh or surface decimation and smoothing.
  12. Added mesh or surface transparency slider.
  13. Added 3D slices for Volume View.
  14. Fixes in file import and export.
  15. Fixes in Slice Views.
  16. Fixes in surface extraction module.
  17. Fixes the memory drain issue in 32-bit version.
  18. Fixes in screenshot capturing (transparent PNG).
  19. Fixes in mesh or surface export.
  20. Fixes in background color widget.
  21. Many fixes in layouts.
  22. Major changes in GUI.